Narrabeen, NSW
TUNE: Daisy
SITE SOURCE: Folklore Unit – People




Zulu, Zulu, your name is Emboko,
The Diggers said ‘now it’s time for smoko’.
The sweat ran down and wet your feet,
As you went rolling down the street.

Sing pick ’em up, Charlie, pick ’em up quick,
We ‘ve got to get back to the Hospital Ship,
We ‘II see you again when we come back,
And we ‘II boil the billy on the wallaby track.

Now, toss all your shrapnel into the hat,
If you pick the pennies, you ‘II get all of that,
Toss ’em up again, nut or Khyber,
Big Jack Kennedy, owes me a fiver!

So pull up boys, and let’s have a blow,
We ‘II have one more drink before we go,
Goodbye Zulu, when we come back,
We ‘II boil up the billy on the wallaby track.

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