Eccentrics more 8

Tune: Whistle O’er The Lave O’t
Source: From Kempiana 1854 – a handbook for the hustlings.

SITE SOURCE: Characters and Eccentrics

Song on William Wentworth’s campaign

If twixt the two ye make compare
Ye’ll say ‘Your place mon is na there
Hoot, Charlie sit in Billy’s chair
Whistle o’er the lave o’t

We knew for a’that’s come and gane
That Billy had a tongue and brain
Poor Charlie couldn’a saw nor plane
Whistle etc

And Billy ca’d us dirty loons
And wad’na trust us wi his spoons
Aft rag’d and swore Lord be aboons

But Billy cross’d the mountains blue
And drave the kye and wethers through
The de’il a thing can Charlie do

And mony the fight in ‘auld lang syne
Has Billy fought, well worth to min’
But Charlie naewheer can ye find

For Charlie’s nae this nor that
Or black or white or cold or hot
He fire can bring for no mans pot

And Charlie is of those who bide
The flow and turn of time and tide
Aye strong upon the strongest tide

When Poers abuse was sternly met
When men were rendering thraldoms…
Has ere his voice been lifted yet

If Billy knew that Charlie’s soul
Was coveting his empty stool
My certie would hear a growl

If Billy could but dream that Waddle
Assisted by pen of twaddle
Dared think of climbing in his saddle

He’d swear in his most wrathful mood
And say ‘such shame must be withstood
Go vote for Parkes I’m sure he would