Eccentrics more 14

Air: The Ivy Green.
Source: . Sydney Punch – April 1865.
SITE SOURCE: Characters and Eccentrics

Scavenger Dan

A dainty old chap is our scavenger bird,
That loveth ‘midst rubbish to pick,
And likes it the better the more it is stirred
Tho’ every one else it makes sick
How he grubbeth, and pecketh, and raketh about
Each foul rotten mess that he finds,
And loudly doth spout as he rooteth it out,
And scatters its scent on the winds.

Oh! rooting -where he safely can
A rare old chap is scavenger Dan.

How fondly he rooted, how closely he stuck
To that famous, but dirty, old case.
Disgusting to others, to him ’twas good luck,
As he revelled in shame and disgrace :
Then rooting, and poking away at the Works,
(I wonder they didn’t him punch,)
He pecked at the clerks, made them labour like Turks,
And frightened them out of their Iunch.

Oh! rooting like a half-starved man,
A horrid old bore was scavenger Dan.

No shame ever feeleth this dirty old bird,
As he grabbeth and feasteth away,
On carrion well will he thrive, but I’ve heard,
He would rather first worry his prey.
If ever he seeth a clean passer-bv,
Or a gentleman with a white shirt.
Full at him he’ll fly, with a yell and a cry,
And bespatter him over with dirt.

Oh! rooting as he only can, •
A perfect old pest is scavenger Dan.

Stilll prowleth about this old scavenger Dan.
For a hungry old sinner is he,
His very last victim’s a well-to-do man,
That’s the reason he hates him, you see.
So he worries and hounds him with villanous spite
Quite delighted such pains to inflict, ‘
It would serve him well right, if this savage old kite
Round the town were most heartily kicked.

Oh.! worrying all the life out of a man,
A common old nuisance is scavenger Dan.