Eccentrics more 11

Tune: The Minstrel Boy
Source: . Sydney Punch – April 1881
SITE SOURCE: Characters and Eccentrics

Note: The song makes mention of ‘Johns’ and this was a general slang term for Chinese.

Mr Quong Tart

Mr Quong Tart,
Has made a start,
In the flowery land you will find him;
He’s left Braidwood,
But not for good,
He’ll return with others behind him.

Land of gold,
Cries the Chinese bold,
Though all the world should fail you;
The celestial race
Having found the place,
Will never cease to hail you.

Quong Tart is gone,
But his friends come on,
A welcome from us ignoring:
Brothers and cousins,
Johns by the dozens.
Into the city are pouring.