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I have absolutely no idea who Andrea Soler is nor where she hails from. Another frustrating CD that tells me nothing about the person who wrote the songs and, in this case, singing them. The attractively presented CD booklet suggests Andrea could possibly be from England and, I suspect, the album was recorded in England and, according to the credits, mastered at Abbey Road Studios, London. The CD was manufactured here and although there’s no label identification or numbering system, it is distributed by MGM locally. Maybe these things get around without all the info these days? Anyway, let me talk about the real thing here – the music. It’s good with well-rounded songs and good solid musical arrangements. The songs are a bit ‘nothing’ for my taste but I am sure Andrea is terrific live. I guess what I am saying is that with so many of singer songwriters floating around – and, as I’ve said before, so many talented ones, I start to feel they are ‘as one’. On this collection you’ll find lots of soaring melodies, heartfelt songs about fragility, lights burning for you, the moon bowing down to the mountains etc…. I guess you get my drift. All terrific stuff but, I suspect, much more meaningful and enjoyable if you have actually heard/seen the artist live.