Down Below



Kurri Kurri, NSW

Note: Music by Hilda Lane


Down Below


Where the shaft is yawning deep;
Where the pent-up gases seep:
Where Death’s dangers soundless creep,
Down, down below;
Where the young earth’s ancient bed
Hangs as tombstones overhead,
‘Mid the memories of our dead,
Down. down below.

Death is sorrow long to wear;
Tyrants’ hands are hard to bear,
Still the union’s strength is there,
Down, down below-
Unity our ranks will close,
Hearts will beat as hammer blow.
Smashing Peace and Freedom’s foes,
Down, down below.

Ere we passed through Eden’s gate,
Coal was formed to seal our fate
And through the patient eons wait.
Down, down below
Shame will sink with bygone years,
Tortured toil and fettered fears,
As the grand new day appears,
Down, down below.

Long the Red Roll, wide and long,
Of the brave, the kind, the strong,
Still we sing a rousing song,
Down. down below.
Rising up and over strife,
Over grief and trouble rife—
Mateship builds a better life,
Down, down below

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