Mrs Susan Colley


Bathurst Home for the Aged
Recorded 1973




Me and my old friend Dempsey
To Klondike we did go
And the weather it was very cool
And when we’d reached the diggings we had sparsely got a seat
When like the rest we came to poor
I said to Dempsey now I know where gold is found
Where the nuggets they are so fine and big
You get your pick and shovel while I go inside the tent
And I’ll sit down by the fire and watch you dig

Dig away old Dempsey you’ll get there bye and bye
Dig away my noble you’ll get there if you try
You are a bad prospector put on your chest protector
But dig away old Dempsey, dig away

As the years rolled by I took a job as a ganger on the line
What the job was as ganger on the line

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