Demon Drink & Evil Weed view

1889 Sydney

SITE SOURCE: Sydney Folklore – SECTION9: Demon drink and teetotalism

LIFE-SAVING FACTS…for every family in the colony

Fifty years ago it was believed and declared that hared work could not be done without the help of alcoholic liquors. This notion has been found to be false by men who have had the courage to TRY, and now millions of hard working men and women are testifying that they have more health, and can do hard work better, without the use of stimulants than with them.

It is still declared, both in theory and practice, by thousands of medical men that people cannot recover from sickness so soon or certainly without the assistance of intoxicating liquors as with them. This assertion, like the first, is proved to have no foundation in fact.

There are thousands of persons alive today, whom the doctors predicted could not live, much less regain perfect health, if they did not take alcoholic liquors as medicine; but they are being more enlightened than their advisers, and acting true to conscience, refused to take it; and now in spite of the doctors prophecy of certain and speedy death, they are now in perfect health, thus proving that intoxicating liquors are not required in sickness any more than they are in health.

We are told that ‘science cannot make a mistake.’ If this is true, the doctors who recommend alcoholics are in a thick fog as the expounders of medical science; and ‘if the blind lead the blind,” we all know where they will be found – “in the ditch!”