Demon Drink & Evil Weed view 2

From Old & New Sydney by O West. Pub 1882
SITE SOURCE: Sydney Folklore – SECTION 9: Demon drink and teetotalism

The Faithful Irishman

Near the corner of the entrance to the old Sydney post office, at Pitt Row and Hunter Street, was a hotel operated by a man called Kearns. He also operated a butcher shop from the same premises. The hotel was called the Faithful Irishman and like all hotels of the time it had a swinging sign above the awning. Kearns sign boasted a painting of his interpretation of a faithful Irishman. One day Gov King, who had a reputation for wit, rode past and seeing the proprietor stopped and called out “What do you call that up there, Kearns?”.

“Oh that’s the Faithful Irishman, Your Excellency”. The Governor then promptly replied “Take it down Kearns, take it down and I’ll have him put in the King’s storehouse, for he’s the only faithful Irishman in the entire Colony.”