Demon Drink and Teetotalism view6

Tune: Fashionable Fred
SITE SOURCE: Sydney Folklore – SECTION 9: Demon drink and teetotalism

The Tramp

How many men there are who ride in fortune’s car,
Who bar and bolt the door against the poor,
It’s because they have lots of gold, and their hearts are very cold;
You study it I’m sure you’ll find it true,
Then speaking of the race, where they tramped from place to place,
There’s many of these men from top to toe,
So if they be in needy circumstances, then they need –
And remember that a tramp has to live.

If ever you meet a tramp, who bears misfortunes stamp
If he’s worthy of your help then freely give;
Render to him a hearty grip, wish him luck upon his trip,
And remember that the poor tramp has to live

I once did know a tramp, whom people called a scamp,
And set the dogs on him lest he might steal.
Ah, but as he turned away, I saw him kneel and pray.
I know that God above heard his appeal.
Now little do they know, how he tramped through ice and snow,
That once he was happy as could be,
Till misfortunes cruel dart came and pierced his heart,
And stole from him his hope and everything.

I heard a tramp relate, the sad story of his fate,
And now he was an outcast shunned by all,
He’d led a happy life – had a living child and wife;
But, alas, like him, the woman had to fall,
For she proved young and frail, there’s no need to tell the tale.
Which drove his manly heart to sad despair,
He left his wife and child, and never since has smiled,
And now sadly tramps from town to town.