Demon Drink and Teetotalism view5

OCT 1879
Tune: When the Kye Comes Home
SITE SOURCE: Sydney Folklore – SECTION 9: Demon drink and teetotalism


‘Success to chemistry, and to the art of brewing beer’.

Come all ye wealthy brewers that make colonial ale
Let us mix the concoction that has such a ready sale;
Come hither with your drugs; hops and barley are too dear,
And we’ll mix the swipers up a dose of pure colonial beer.

Oh! the brewing of the beer,
Oh! The brewing of the beer
Success to the chemistry,
And the art of brewing beer,

First fill the vat with water, put some molasses in,
With vitriol and opium we may just as well begin;
Put in some camomile, it’s a wholesome thing I hear
And may counteract the bacco that we’ll now put in the beer.

Put in some alum, salt and ginger, now to make it nice,
And to pleasure the poor devils here’s some grains of paradise;
And don’t spare the nux vomica, tho’ strychnine is dear
But we must use it to give a hoppy flavour to the beer.

Here is coculus indcius to make their heads go round,
Here’s quassia and here’s multum too – don’t be nice to a pound!
Put nutgalls in to colour it, and potash too to clear;
And to hinder it from scouring put some jalap in the beer.

let the farmer feed his cattle, and his poultry and his grain,
We do not want his barley while we’ve fox-glove and henbane;
Give us copperas, and wormwood, and hartshorn, and don’t fear
That lushingtons need never go without colonial beer.