Demon Drink and Teetotalism view3

SOURCE:The Australian Prohibition Songster
Published by Harkness Publications, Geelong Victoria. n.d.
Mitchell ML784.68/2
TUNE: St Gertrude

SITE SOURCE: Sydney Folklore – SECTION 9: Demon drink and teetotalism

Onward, Temperance Soldiers

Onward, Temp’rance soldiers,
Let your war cry sound;
Plant the victors’ banner
On Australia’s ground.
On till men , uprising,
Join your noble band!
On till drink is driven
From this Southern land.

Onward, Temp’rance soldiers
With your flag unfurled;
On till songs of triumph
Ting throughout this world.

Through the tyrant’s warfare
Home are filled with woe;
Lonely hearts are breaking;
Tears of anguish flow;
Little children perish,
Youth’s bright hopes prove vain.
Strongest men are fettered
Countless thousands slain.

Thanks for vict’ries glorious
To your Leader be;
Slaves of deadly error
By the truth made free.
Homes once dark , now brightened
By Hope’s cheering rays,
Hearts, once sad, now lightened –
All unite in praise.

Onward, Temp’rance soldiers,
Girded for the fight;
Armed with heavy weapons,
Sure that Right is Might.
Ever be united,
Heart to heart as one;
Never cease your fighting
Till the conflict’s won.