Demon Drink and Teetotalism view17

Tune: Auld Lang Syme
SITE SOURCE: Sydney Folklore – SECTION 9: Demon drink and teetotalism

Shall E’er Cold Water Be Forgot?

Shall e’er cold water be forgot,
When we sit down to dine?
Oh, no, my friends, for it is not,
Pour’d out by hands divine, my friends,
Pour’d out by hands divine!
From springs and wells it gushes forth,
Pour’d out by hands divine.

To beauty’s cheek (though strange it seems,
‘Tis not more strange than true)
Cold water, tho’ itself so pale,
Imparts the rosiest hue.
Imparts the rosiest hue, my frre4iends,
Imparts the rosiest hue
Yes, beauty in a water pail,
Doth find her rosiest hue.

Cold water, too (though wonderful
‘Tis not less true again)
The weakest of all earthly drinks,
Doth make the strongest men,
Doth make the strongest men.
Doth make the strongest men, my friends,
Doth make the strongest men;
Then let us take the sweetest drink,
And grow the strongest men.

So shall the boys, like oaks, be strong?
The girls, like lilies, fair.
The girls, like lilies fair, my friends,
The girls, like lilies fair;
The boys shall grow like sturdy oaks,
The girls, like lilies fair.