Demon Drink and Teetotalism view11

From Australasian Post 1957.
It is said that this notice was pasted on many shearing board walls.
SITE SOURCE: Sydney Folklore – SECTION 9: Demon drink and teetotalism

Regulations for Cockies

Rule 1. No cocky shall speak disrespectfully of the AWU, The Labor party, Andrew Fisher, the cook, the shearers or the shed hands

Rule 2. All cockies before coming on to the board shall have their whiskers trimmed, as the shearers consider that some cockies whiskers are as dangerous as barb-wire entanglements.

Rule 3. In the advent of a shearer or shed hand asking a cocky for tobacco or matches, the cocky shall instantly produce same and shall stand in a respectful attitude till the said shearer or shed hand shall have filled or lit his pipe.

Rule 4. The cocky shall not stand in front of a shearer or shed hand for more than five minutes.

Rule 5. All cockies are expected to treat shearers and shed hands to whiskey

Rule 6. Cockies shall not (under any circumstance) talk about the land tax, scarcity of labour, immigration, or the country being ruined.

Rule 7. The cocky must not assume any superior airs and he shall not call himslef the ‘backbone of the country’

Rule 8. In the vent of a shearer requiring a drink of tea, his comb and cutter box, his pipe filled, or nay other service whatever, the cocky shall spring off the ball of his foot and do the service at once.