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SOURCE:parody of Redwings

Redwings [parody]

There once was an Indian maid, and she was sore afraid
That the big buckaroo, would ram it up her flue
As on the bed she laid.

So she filled her snatch with sand, and held it in her hand
To keep the boys from forbidden joys
In Redwing’s promised land.

Oh, the moon shines bright on little Redwing, as she lay sleeping
There came a-creeping, ’twas the buckeroo with eyes a-peeping
Under the flap of Redwing’s tepee
Now that buckeroo was wise, he slipped between her thighs
He plucked and wheezed and tickled at her knees
He made Little Redwings open her eyes.

She reached for her bowie knife, to fight for her dear life
It flashed in the sky as she let it fly
And his pegging days were over.

Now the sun shines bright on Little Redwing, as she lays yawning
There hangs a warning, two balls and a prick adorning
The flap of Redwing’s tepee

Girls if you want to be wives, put away your knives
Boys like to play, have a roll in the hay
But they don’t want to pay for the rest of their lives

So mind what mother said, when you’re lying on your bed
If you want to get laid, don’t reach for the blade
Have a hell of a time instead.