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TUNE: Darktown Strutters’ Ball.


Kings Cross Harlot’s Ball

Well, I fucked in Cuba and I fucked in Spain
And I fucked all over the Spanish Main
But the best fuck of them all
Was when I fucked my mother-in-law
Last Saturday night at the Kings Cross Harlot’s Ball
Without her pants onÉ.

Well, they lined a hundred sheilas up against the wall
And I bet five quid I could fuck them all
But, when I got to ninety eight
I thought my poor old prick would break
So I went down town and had some oyster stew
And then came back and did the other two
And now I’m feeling fine
Got fucking right off my mind
The other night at the kings Cross Harlots Ball.
Without her pants onÉÉ

And then I went on down to hell
‘Cos me and Nick we get on well
I asked him for a glass of water
When he went out I fucked his daughter
When he came back with the glass
I shoved that thing right up his arse
And if you think that was a joke
You should have heard my penis croak,
Last Saturday night at the Kings Cross Harlots Ball.