Daly River-Oh


Brundle Downs


Daly River-Oh


Oh come along you boys who want a bit of fun
Pack up your swag and bring along a gun
Get a little bit of flour, sugar and tea
And don’t forget a gallon of Beenleigh’s O.P.
Then we’ll crank up the old Lizzie and away we’ll go
Down to the Daly River Oh

You’ll meet Wallaby George and Charlie Dargie
Old Squissie (sic) Taylor and Jimmy Pan Queen,
The Tipperary Pong and Jim Wilkie
They are noted for their hospitality
And they’ll give you such a welcome
That you’ll never go away
From the Daly River Oh

When you wake up in the morning with your heart full of glee
There’ll be a little nude maiden with a pannikin of tea
And she’ll give you such a welcome
That you’ll never want to go away
From the Daly River Oh

Now I saw a buffalo bull and a fat Chinese
Run a dead heat to the foot of a tree
The Chinaman flew and didn’t feel the ruts
And the buffalo stopped with a bullet in his guts.

And the wild birds rose at the sound of the gun
And the water dropped a foot in the old billabong
With the quacks and the feathers
You couldn’t see the sun
Down on the Daly River Oh

While the buffalo kicked we poured in the lead
We killed him ten times to make sure he was dead
We drew out our knives and we all hopped in,
Three whites, two chows, four bucks and a gin
We tore off his hide and ripped him in the guts
Took out his tit bits and funny comic cuts
We cranked up the Lizzie and away we did go
Down on the Daly River Oh

Now I saw an old nigger sitting up in a tall tree
The crows had picked his eyes out so he couldn’t see
For he was dead as dead could be
When Dargie threw a gibber and hit him in the moosh
The nigger went ‘poof’ and we all went bush
Back to the Daly River Oh.

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