Cut a Rug view words 6

From Bill Harney to Nancy Keesing 24/3/53
And included in the correspondence files of the Keesing papers, Mitchell Library.

Tune: Redwings

SITE SOURCE: Indigenous


I like to love the Asian girls, the lass from Manilla makes eyes
The Lubra grins in her nakedness, and the half-caste laughs and lies,
The Javanese are not bad sorts, the Jap and Chinese maid,
The Zulu, Kaffir and Hottentot, they’re all of an A 1 grade, but
The bushman’s gin is a very fine thing, a very fine thing to have
Gleaming hair and pearly teeth, ways that would shock and Irish priest
Ways that are always naïve
Rollicking, rolling, rollick rolling real Australian maid

Now the nigger is a lazy bugger, he sits in the shade all day.
He won’t hunt tucker, his wife you’ll want her, and give your tucker away.
He sits in the shade that his Lubra made, far better than the white-fellow man
You might think you’re clever, but by hell you’ll never, get the better of her Benjamin.