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cricket view

source: From The Aust Journal. 1879


Oh, the men of Australia came back from the East
Their points were all made and their honours increased
And they rode into Frisco to play the last match
And the plucky Franciscans came up to scratch
And out on the ground when the wickets were set
And the spectators by and the champions met
Spirit of Purdy and Aitkin, Cross and Malone
The Australians soon showed them that the game was their own
For Spofforth and Bannerman, Bailey and Boyler
Took warren and Brandon and made them their spoil
The batting was splendid with score after score
The plucky Franciscans don’t want any more
And the men of Australia will sail to the south
And the players they beat will be down in the mouth
The English, the Yankees, the Blue Noses all
Before the Australians stood up to fall.