Clancy’s Prayer

Collected from JOE WATSON

Caringbah, NSW
Recorded 1973 onwards


Clancy’s Prayer


While on the track away out back, one night I camped with Clancy,
While going to bed, his prayers he said, and this one took my fancy.
O Lord, he said, I pray to thee, as misery around us rages,
May bad luck fall, on one and all that try to cut our wages.

May conscience sting old Whitely King, and drive him to damnation,
May all ‘blacklegs’ drink deep the dregs of misery and starvation.
May the devil pursue the labour brood, to hell I wish he’d take it,
When workmen seek ten shillings a week, a nice hot job they’ll make it.

Some Union men, to secure a pen, to Noo South Wales come steering,
And take a job at fifteen bob, lamb marking until shearing.
Well, I must say, such men as they, disgrace the name of Union,
Each one I’d kick, back into Vic, ’cause Noo South Wales they’re roonin’

May Unions strong right very wrong, the worker feels today,
May contentment shine, on this fair clime, O Lord, I humbly pray. Clancy.

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