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Case Study Roseville

Julie had telephoned me on 15 April 1994 seeking help. I went to visit her on 21 April at her home in the Sydney suburb of Roseville.

Julie’s roommate had moved out because of the sensed presence, there was no poltergeist activity reported.

On entering her home I sensed a female presence in the room at the left of the front door, the feeling of sadness was quite clear to me, a sense of loss of someone seeking help.
The other rooms in the house, and the garden were unremarkable.

This seemed to me to be a simple ghost job.

I told Julie that we would clear her home as soon as I was able to get everyone together for a ceremony, I didn’t know when this would be possible, but soon, I hoped. I had decided to experiment with remote clearing. On Wednesday 24 April I attended the Enmore Spiritualist Church in Sydney, sat in on the séance where I was told the spirits who regularly attend the Wednesday evening session with the living persons only need the request to help and the correct location as formal protocol. No other information was given or sought. Thirteen days later (28 April) Julie telephoned me to say her Roseville home was warm and peaceful, the sensed presence was gone and her roommate had moved back into the house. She also mentioned she slept very peacefully the night of 24 April.