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Case study Far west New South Wales

I have saved the biggest Ghost job for last. Professor Charles Tart is one of my heroes and I quote him here PSI takes place in human beings, as part of a whole tapestry of life. Not merely as an isolated anomaly in the laboratory .

Because of the richness of detail in this case, what I am about to describe is a case Simon described as his biggest and most difficult.

Commencing 12 November 1996 I was contacted by a woman named Carol who made cautious enquiries of AIPR and sought help for her boss Peter, who felt slightly awkward and a bit embarrassed to ask directly for help. I was asked to meet Peter and because he was in Sydney we met the next day.

Peter had bought a very large rural property of 80,000 acres a few years before in the west of New South Wales about 1,000 km from Sydney.

The homestead is about 40 years old and is built on the site of the original homestead, which burnt down when it was about 80 years old.

The history of the property goes back to the mid nineteenth century when the first white European settlers moved into the area and fought with the traditional landowners the Wongaibon people. In this struggle large numbers of aboriginal people were poisoned, shot or murdered before being dispossessed of their homeland.

The property was haunted with considerable poltergeist activity and Peter was becoming a nervous wreck because of his state of mind and his mood affected by these psychic events.
Peter knew what he was experiencing to be real, but this sort of thing was nonsense and didn’t happen in ordinary life, did it?

The disturbances would start in Springtime, after the trouble-free winters, some of his employees had often seen the ghost of a character named Boxer Tops always dressed in grey bib and braces, the same work clothes he always wore for the 40 odd years he lived on the property.

Boxer was from Yugoslavia and somehow ended up in Australia after the war with the Nazis in Europe. He reportedly turned up one day and asked the then property owners if he could camp on the property. They said yes and Boxer Tops stayed there until he died.

He built a home of bits and pieces salvaged from anywhere, made a still and brewed his own alcohol, didn’t speak much English and was severely traumatized by the war experiences becoming a bit of a hermit. He was frequently in and out of Brewarrina Psychiatric Hospital.

Small items would go missing at the homestead, two pairs of scissors a bottle of Worcester sauce, video tapes, spanners, fencing pliers, salt and pepper, peanut butter, honey and half a bottle of scotch. Cigarettes etc.

At night Peter would hear someone running barefoot through the house, then the sound of two men fighting in the attic but when he went to investigate he was always alone. By this time no one else would sleep in the homestead, one fellow, Greg, left the property because of the frightening disturbances, another, a visitor to the property described being strangled in his sleep.

Peter said he has become accident prone, chopping the top off one finger, cutting a leg with a chain saw. He feels as though his personality has been influenced and he doesn’t like people coming into his home anymore.

I told Peter I would be able to clear the homestead as soon as I could get our group of people together, I didn’t know yet when we would all be able to meet.

On Saturday 16th I met with Simon at his home in Sydney and we held a ceremony to remotely clear the homestead 1,000 km away. Simon psychically described old Boxer Tops as haunting the home, a sort of remote viewing.

Another character, George, a young convict who escaped into the far west was also haunting the homestead and stealing all the items that Peter had reported missing. This rascal George had gone out to this district in the days when convicts were still transported to Australia. George hung around the Wongaibon people and got speared for his involvement with the women of the tribe.

George would steal items and share them amongst his aboriginal chums.

Boxer Tops fought with George about this theft, a non-physical fight in the attic. Boxer was very protective of his host’s property and resentful of George’s behaviour. During the ceremony to clear the homestead Simon asked that all the stolen / missing items be returned, we asked that spirit beings of love light and peace open the tunnel of light which Boxer was drawn to, George was somewhat fearful and suspicious. Simon persuading him that there were good pickings to be had at the light in the end of the tunnel. He eventually went off too.

Around one o’clock that night I was awakened by Boxer Tops‘ presence in my bedroom. I experienced my heart glowing, radiant and filling the width of the bedroom, I sensed Boxer’s thanks for setting him free by introducing him to the beings of love light, peace and beauty and he was showering me with thanks. I was deeply moved. Boxer has free will, as we all do, to return to the light anytime and for a few years after this event I would sense him with me whenever I would talk about him or think of him, but I think he has gone on now.

I went back to sleep only to be woken up at 3 am by George in the corner of the room. ‘You were right about the pickings’ he telepathed to me, and I haven’t sensed him ever since.
Late the next day, Sunday morning, Peter telephoned to say that around 10.30pm last night he felt so peaceful and full of energy that he went for a run in the moonlight. I said, “Well that is when we finished clearing your home last night”.

On January 3rd 1997 Peter phoned to say, “you’re not going to believe this but missing items turned up” . Three pairs of scissors in a cupboard, $1,100 in cash in a filling cabinet, a gardening book and even odder, a full set of Tupperware in the kitchen. No one on the homestead knows where the Tupperware came from but they’ve kept it anyway, they don’t know who it belongs to.

Peter reported that the house was still peaceful and Boxer Tops is still seen around the other buildings on the property by himself and others.

Twenty-two months later on 7 October 1998 Peter was in touch with AIPR again. While inside the homestead all was well, but once outside on the property or in the out buildings he noticed his mood and thoughts being negatively influenced. The cook Kim reported the same experience. They would go back inside the homestead and their mood would change back for the better.

Peter sensed being “dogged by back luck” and becoming overwhelmed or at his wits end.
One employee, David, described a gate latch lifting by itself, the gate opened by itself and then closed.

On 12th October Simon checked with his non-physical chums who advised that since the traditional owners of the land, the deceased Wongaibon people, were all across the property. They had no intention of coming to Sydney for a clearing ceremony so we would have to go out there to do the job.

So we made plans to travel on 16th and come home on 20th October. Our advice being that we would need that many days to complete our task.

Simon and I arrived at the property about 11pm after a long drive. We sat around drinking tea and talking with Kim and Peter for an hour or so before going to bed.

I had been asleep for about two hours when the noise of people running around the wooden verandah floor and the banging of flyscreen doors woke me up. It was still very dark. Next, three glowing beings walked into my room through the door, they were humanoid and a sort of silvery sparkling glowing colour.

I could hear Simon snoring down the hallway and I knew Peter was sleeping on the other side of the house with a gun beside his bed.

I sat up in bed staring at these three tall beings, one was very tall say 7 to 8 foot and the other two the same height about 6 foot. I sent telepathic messages to them but got no response, except the other noises were now quiet. They were staring at me, but ignoring me, this lasted for seven to eight minutes then they vanished while in full vision.

I was having a cup of tea with Simon in the morning sunlight and mentioned this to him. He described these glowing beings to me. He described their height, manner, and the manner of soldiers on duty. Just letting me know they are here.

“Oh don’t worry about them they’re on our side” Simon said, “You don’t think I’d sleep in this place without protection do you?” I was pleased to hear this.

Simon later remote viewed the whole property and described a place, the scene of a mass slaughter of aboriginal people long ago.

Peter said it could be one of three or four locations on the 100 square miles of property and we decided to go find this place after we had cleared off all the troublemakers, discarnate entities, in a few days time.

I was in over my level of skill on this job, and Simon was too, he just allowed his non-physical friends to guide him, they said it’s to do with the turtle.

Neither Simon or I knew what this meant so I asked one of the aboriginal men who worked on the property, what it meant to him.

The turtle is symbolic of the source of all things, the creator; I translated this to mean the Gaia principle in transpersonal psychology – the intelligence of the earth.

Everyone who worked on the property neighbours the local police officers and anyone who had experienced haunting and poltergiestery on the property was invited to the ceremonial seance that evening, I think we got a full house.

After the sun had gone down about 20 people sat circled on the verandah, which is wide enough for everyone.

Simon called in his non-physical friends; “the light brigade” I nicknamed them, and they arrived with their customary energy signature spinning around the room.

A very large number of souls, discarnate entities former Wongaibon people went off to the light without a second of hesitation abandoning the Kadaitja man (pronounced Kadika).

In Australian aboriginal culture the traditional men of high degree (Elkin 1943) were of two types positive and negative, the Kadaitja man is the payback man, of ritual killings and sorcery. This pre literate technology of the shaman exists unbroken to this day.

With Kadaitja man isolated and extremely angry at being abandoned by his own people; there commenced a titanic struggle between good and evil.

Kadaitja man wanted his traditional land and power over his clan, he w
anted everyone else scared away and was doing a good job at frightening others away.
The seance ended well into the night and people drifted on home.

Simon was wondering what to do next, we sat out under the vast bright starry sky. Out there the land is as flat as can be for a thousand kilometres in any direction and the night sky is awesome being so far away from anywhere.

The annual sky show of meteorites, the Leonids, commenced this night, falling in from space and blazing across the sky (there was no moon). We got no sleep that night.

We had arrived at the turtle point in this contest between good and evil. A demonstration of the power of all creation for good. Simon would channel this energy seated on a chair in the kitchen.

I could feel the heat coming off him from across the room, even in the middle of the day.
Negative non-physical beings prefer to avoid the presence of good and move away, well away from the area when powerful energies of love unity and kindness are invited in.
This is a demonstration of the power of creative harmony of the universe and its intelligence. Higher spiritual beings are from this energy and they have the power to overcome evil.

Kadaitja man was banished by the end of the day. On the following morning Peter, Simon and I all got into his Ute and set off in search of the site of the massacre. None of us had much sleep and it was a hot day bouncing along in the sun, the mud and flies. After visiting three sites Simon call out “there it is!” as we crossed the concrete one lane bridge across the Bogan River.

We walked to the site, a billabong with many shade trees; it is a pleasant place to camp, the river was low and its muddy banks one side a grey coloured mud and across on the western bank the earth is red ochre. Symbolic of the oldest earth on the planet the red earth of Western Australia and the new land of the east, here the division of water.
From high up on the riverbank I could see the wooden pilings of the original first bridge across exposed by the low water.

I pointed this out to Simon and Peter, they walked toward the pilings. Peter walking ahead noticed there a cold air “tube” slightly to the south of the pilings, Simon experienced this as well. They both scrambled up to where I was to get a better look. From here Simon could see an inter-dimensional tunnel, a tunnel into the dreamtime and standing in the tunnel an elder aboriginal spirit whom he recognised from a dozen years ago. This elder had told him then that he would be working on such a project as this, at that time it seemed very unlikely to Simon who is a city dweller like me.

Interestingly this original wooden bridge is built only a few degrees off the dreamtime entrance to the tunnel. Symbolic of conquest on a subconscious level.

Simon explained, “This is the site of the major massacre of Wombaigon, their favourite Billabong and access to the dreamtime.

Kadaitja man trained in revenge killing and payback prevented his people from access to the next world. Seeking to terrorise the white settlers until they leave the land.

It was time for Simon and I to leave the next morning after a celebratory barbecue and a few beers that evening and everyone joined in.
Simon’s energy levels were still so high from the channelling of Gaia energy he couldn’t eat much and refused alcohol for several weeks until his body got back to normal.

We drove the 40 km down to where the bitumen road starts and filled up with petrol. Two women operated the petrol station, when the tank was full they both stood together side by side and well back from Simon and I, there was a long silent pause. “Are you the ghost busters?” the younger woman asked “No he is” said Simon pointing at me. With a mischievous grin Simon zapped her with a shot of the energy still pumping through him, it made her jump, frightened she ran into the garage, the flyscreen door slamming behind her.
I spoke to Peter in December 2001 and he confirms the place has been quiet and peaceful ever since our visit in October 1998.

Quite clearly the spiritualist technology works and Peter is happy to be questioned about these events and confirm these details.