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Case Study Crows Nest

Our next request for help had some familiar elements to it from Professor David Huffords work. The terror that comes in the night – supernatural assault traditions (1982).

Kerrie, (not her real name) the wife of an accountant living in the Sydney suburb of Crows Nest telephoned me very frightened because of an experience during the night when she was awakened by her husband Patrick’s (not his real name) frightened sounds during sleep.
Kerrie then became aware immediately of an animal like creature an “evil growling, snarling animal sound, snapping wolfish”. Kerrie said this thing “wanted it to be known it was there in someone else’s body”. She then woke Patrick up.

I interviewed them both a few days later.

Patrick revealed that for more than a decade he had experienced, when falling asleep, and always in the darkness of night a sense of anticipation 4-5 minutes before each assault, the sound of footsteps coming along the hallway towards the bedroom and a drop in his temperature. Next he described “a huge ten foot bear like, panther or wild cat with dark green hands”. This was always very frightening to him because he could not move his body, his mind was alert, and he could move his eyes. Patrick said this entity purred like a cat, had no smell or taste, but he was aware of it touching him.

He said he could think quite clearly, and avoid looking at it, the menacing entity always occurred before dream onset and always inside his home.

These experiences began ten years ago initially as a black formless shape, “cloudlike with red eyes”. Patrick said he had no control over these visitations unlike lucid dreams where some influencing of the dream is possible.

On one occasion he asked telepathically “who are you?” The reply came in a voice that sounded like his sister. “I am you”… he never discussed this with his sister and had never told his wife of these events until she had experienced the entity herself.

Patrick reported no poltergeist activity, he had never played a ouija board, was not religious and had never been to church, didn’t know how to meditate and had never undergone hypnosis. He reported one dream he intuitively felt to be a past life experience and frequently had lucid dreams. The lucid dreams never included the menacing entity. He noted that by sleeping on his side he could reduce the effect, which also reduced his awareness of the menacing entity. On one occasion he was able to reach out to his wife but the entity threw his hand away from her. Patrick wanted to understand, to know what was happening to him.

I arranged for a hypnosis session with Marilyn Newman, she suggested that this might be an uncovering process to try to understand what was happening to him.

Patrick was an excellent subject.

In a clear powerful voice, obviously not his own, he described events presumably from the past but not from any period of history I could recognise, about the titanic struggles between good and evil. I felt he may have been channelling, the voice was authoritative, good English diction, and quite different from the speech Patrick used. When he emerged from hypnosis he had no recall of anything he had said.

Patrick sought no further help from A.I.P.R. and moved to a new address sometime later.
Both Marilyn and I are somewhat puzzled as to what to make of this case, but lacking a therapeutic alliance we can go no further.