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Case Study Central Coast – June 1994

A.I.P.R. received a letter dated 2 June 1994 from a mother seeking help for her married daughter and husband who had both experienced ghostly events and some poltergeistery.
Close to the wife’s 21st Birthday she saw a bright light in the hallway from her bedroom, she said it was her Uncle Roger holding a birthday cake for her.

Another time she felt someone sit on her waterbed next to her, she felt the bed move.
Her husband woke up one night to see a man sitting next to her, on the waterbed, stroking her face. The husband never knew Uncle Roger so did not recognise him.

Uncle Roger had died in October 1990. He had a very strong belief in survival of Physical Death and had vowed he would return to prove it.

The wife also reported to me, a very bright light waking her about 3 am it was Uncle Roger holding a fluffy dog with a pink bow tie.

The next night, same time, a very bright white light which hurt her eyes, Uncle Roger holding a three tier white wedding cake with a long large red candle.

The young married couple were not concerned about the deceased relative, he was no trouble to them and they had a strongly felt affection for him.

As is often the case there were other much less attractive entities present.

Houseguests sleeping in the second bedroom reported bright green eyes staring at them from the wardrobe and later having bed covers pulled away from them to the extent that one individual refuses to sleep at the house again.

Kitchen cupboard doors could be heard to open and close, there were banging noises in the roof but rattraps got two rats. Items would disappear and reappear days later in odd locations.

A newspaper was thrown across the lounge room scattering all across the floor and pencils stored in a coffee mug jumped out onto the table.

A musical box started to play, only softly, it had been unused for a long time and was not wound up. Other items would be moved from their usual location.

The young wife would shout at the activity “Stop it, you’re making me angry” and the activity would cease form some time.

Both she and her husband reported the sensed presence of a character they named “old smelly”. She said that she would walk through the smell of an unwashed, wine and urine, man. The smell would disappear quite quickly.

Her most frightening experience was in her kitchen when she felt that “it was in her” she felt “the weight of someone in her”.

Marilyn and Harry cleared the house.

Months later Marilyn told me they had asked her to get Uncle Roger back because they missed him! In June 1996 I spoke with them to follow up. They reported their home to be generally quiet although both reported psychic phenomena. The husband’s grandfather had died in Queensland at 4.40 am and he was aware of it at the moment of death, also the wife’s cousin and great aunt had died, the wife telepathically aware of both events instantaneously.

They seemed to be at peace with this psychic awareness and had learned to live with it now. They still miss Uncle Roger.