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Case Study Campbelltown

A psycho-spiritual emergence of a more benign type happened in January this year to a truck driver called Graham. Graham describes his health as normal now after a surprising recovery from cancer (multiple myeloma). Graham wants to know what is happening to him and his home. Usually on a Friday night he would fall asleep in front of his television, then awaken to find that the television, stereo, porch light etc all switched off.

During his hospitalisation he sensed a calming hand resting upon his brow, which persisted until he was discharged and allowed to go home. Since he has been back at home there have been considerable poltergeist events of some violence. On Christmas Eve the backyard gate opened with an almighty loud bang even though the bolt and two padlocks were unopened. Consequently his dog, a Blue Heeler Queensland cattle dog will not go near one corner of his backyard. These dogs are noted for their fearlessness but it will not go near the Lemon tree that is in the back yard.

Next Graham’s extensive collection of CD’s stored in a huge wall rack were ripped from the wall and thrown across the lounge room, then the TV remote control exploded damaging the wall opposite. A friend of Graham’s reported an apparition of a young woman walking in the hallway and lounge room. Graham is frustrated by all of this as no one will stay at his home anymore because of these hauntings and poltergeistery.

Graham himself is not frightened by these events he’s just genuinely curious as to what is happening.

Other members of A.I.P.R. were very keen to set-up all of their surveillance equipment and cameras with Graham’s full co-operation the results have been very limited. One member even slept overnight in the bedroom where most phenomena were reported but nothing happened.

This seems to me to be a time of life opening for Graham who is still only 40 and now retired on a pension, with the opportunity to pursue the spiritual quest in good health and a strong sense of himself. His poltergeist case was still ongoing as a learning opportunity for all. Debbie Malone and Hannah helped to clear his home on 12 February 2002. The home has been very peaceful ever since.