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Case Study Bankstown – July 1994

My very first “ghost job”. I had recently been elected the public officer of the Australian Institute of Parapsychological Research Inc. (A.I.P.R.) and because our organisation promotes research and public education into psychic phenomena I responded to a letter seeking help for a family beset with hauntings.

I had no idea of what to do to be of any help, our then President, Dr Michael Hough gave me some contacts and also mentioned that exorcisms were not very effective.

Marilyn Newman agreed to meet me at the haunted house with her trance control Harry. Marilyn is a trance medium who developed her skill in spiritualist circles.
She asked to be shown through every room in the house and then accurately described the apparitions the family had experienced seeing.
Marilyn described their appearance, clothing, body posture, the mother and daughter (aged 17) confirmed these details.

The home had been owned by an elderly couple of Slavic origin who had a huge emotional investment in their home as it was the sum total of their life’s achievement, they spoke poor English and had struggled all their life.

They didn’t know they were dead and resented this family being in their home.
The father, an engineer, reported that the disturbances were worst when the family had been away for a few days leaving the house empty.

On their return the poltergeistry would begin. They heard banging on walls and doors, scratching sounds, saw open doors being shook.

During the middle of the night the curtain pelmet, being wrenched from the wall was flung across the bed and had awaked the couple.
This had happened twice, the father had been making the bed one morning and been touched from behind, on turning around he saw no one there, this was too much for him and the family sought help from A.I.P.R.

The son (aged 20) took the view that it was all a lot of nonsense. Marilyn had all of us assemble in the bedroom, this was the focus of the poltergiestry and was much colder than any other part of the house. She went into a trance, it was quite dramatic with Harry her control there to bring her back to full consciousness at the end of the clearing procedure.
The atmosphere in the bedroom was emotionally charged and somewhat intimidating to the family, at the end, the bedroom was no longer cold.

The next day the mother telephoned me to say that everything was calm, the house was now warm and peaceful, the whole family had slept beautifully that night.

I had sensed a division in the family, the women were curious to know more and the men wanting nothing more to do with it. The mother telephoned again more than a week later to confirm the house was still peaceful and to thank us for our help.

The poltegeistery had ended and there was nothing more to the matter.