Cardigan the Brave

Hawthorne Qld



Cardigan the Brave   (Crimea War)


There, there my Lord, these are your guns
And there’s your foeman too,
Six hundred stalwart warriors of England brave and best
Did grasp the lance and sabre on balaclava’s crest
And there they fought like heroes.

Lord Nolan brought the orders – Good God, can this be true?
To fight the ghastly enemy from yonder teaming mass
It’s madness – no I cannot charge
What guns bring from the past?

The messenger with a haughty glance
Looked once at that bright Earl
And pointing to the enemy his lip began to curl
There, there my Lord – there are your guns
And there’s your foeman too
As turned his chargers headed away
And he bid the earl adieu

Yes it is a famous story
Proclaim it far and wide
Unto your children’s children
Re-echo it in pride
How Cardigan the fearless
His name immortal made
When he crossed that Russian Valley
With his gallant Light Brigade


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