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Cabarita case study

We received a request for help from a young couple in Cabarita a riverside Sydney suburb. The problem was noticed soon after they rented the house, an unpleasant smell would fill the bedroom of their children, whenever they played in there. Once they moved to another room the smell would evaporate, other phenomena like the doorbell ringing and no one was at the door, the outside light would switch on by itself.

I went around to investigate and clearly sensed something animal like, causing my hair to bristle as if it was attempting to frighten me. This was quite clear to me. I had no idea what to do except to show no fear and be peaceful.

I later spoke with Simon a member of our A.I.P.R. Ghost busting team, he checked with his non-physical chums who advised this would be a most interesting case to learn from.

We met at the Cabarita house a few days later and detected some former humans who went off to the light without any fuss. This left us with the smelly room. Simon reported that there is an interdimensional tunnel that ends in the children’s bedroom.

An interdimensional tunnel seems to be analogous with “wormholes in space” that connect here to someplace else, and sounds similar to the tunnel described in (N.D.Es) near death experiences and is also the light at the end of the tunnel offered to lost souls in clearing hauntings during spiritualist ceremonies.

On interdimensional tunnels

In 1988 I had an out-of-body experience in my home during a meditation at the end of an eight-week course in Kundalini yoga meditation. This out-of-body experience was in full consciousness and lasted 32 minutes clock time, because in my out-of-body state I could see the clock in my lounge room, hear the birds singing and watch the Ferry going by from the corner ceiling of my home. I could also think perfectly clearly and see Robb Tilley sitting on the end of his lounge in meditation. It was a Divine experience.

The first time Simon came to my home he pointed to that corner of the ceiling telling me “that tunnel tips out onto the end of my lounge” which is why I ended up there (O.B.E) out-of-body.

The inter-dimensional tunnel into the children’s bedroom at Cabarita had been accessed by what Simon described as gothic like reptiles, animals from who knows where, similar to a griffin or gryphons, the type of gargoyle seen on medieval churches and other buildings and when the children were playing in the room they would frighten these creatures and cause them to smell, skunk like.

Simon went on to explain that he knows of no way of getting them to leave. Simon had conferred with his non-physical friends who confirmed that there was nothing to be done about these creatures except teach the family to learn to befriend them and get used to living with them and not frighten them. This is what they have done, come to regard them as family pets, consequently the smell has ceased. A most unusual case.