Bump Me Into Parliament

source: SONGS OF THE I.L.P
published Adelaide c. 1915

TUNE: Yankee Doodle

SITE SOURCE: Labour History


Come listen, all kind friends of mine,
I want to move a motion,
To make an Eldorado here,
I’ve got a bonzer notion.


Bump me into Parliament,
Bounce me any wa—y.
Bang me into Parliament,
On next election day.

Some very wealthy friends I know
Declare I am most clever,
While some may talk tor an hour or so,
Why, I can talk for ever.
So bump, etc.

I’ know the Arbitration Act
As a sailor does his “rigglns,”
So if you want a small advance
I’ll talk to Justice Higgins.
So bump, etc.

Oh, yea, I am a Labour man
And believe in revolution;
The quickest way to bring them on;
Is talking constitution.
So bump etc.

To keep the cost of living down,
A law I straight would utter,
A hundred loaves for a tray I’d sell,
With a penny a ton for butter.
So bump, etc.

I have been asked what would I do
If e’er the Germans came here,
A regulation I would make
To say they shan’t remain here.
So bump. etc.

They say that kids are getting scarce.
I believe there’s something in it;
By extra laws I’d incubate
A million kids a minute
So bump,’ etc.

I’ve read my library ten times through,
And Wisdom justifies me.
The man who does not vote for me,
By Cripes he crucifies me.

Now, Sinclair, he was fined five quid
For singing this here ditty,
Betsy was his witness there,
But the “Booby” pooled the “Kitty”

So Bump ’em into Parliament,
Bounce ’em any way;
Bang ’em into Parliament,
Don’t let the Court decay.