Bullocky Call


Recorded 26 April 1973


Bullocky Call


God strike me bloody fat
Come ‘ere Joe, Holy Ghost I’ll knock you down,
Heave and twist till your

“Every horse knew its name, just the same as men.

“To go around a flat you’d have your nearside leader – you called him, no reins or anything like that. He’s strung out there. Two shafters 5,8,11,14, three a-breast. You’d sing out: “Gee up! And the horse would move – the more you called the more he’d bring ’em round.

“Come ‘ere, yeh, come ‘ere Boxer and he’d keep coming with the others following. If you wanted to go back the other way you’d yell out “Gee back Boxer and he’d start to push off. Those horses knew me as well as any man would.

“Come ‘ere rattler, gee back Brown, Holy Ghost I’ll knock you down. Heave bender, Buster stand up Roan, you bloody swine. I’ll make you groan. Get to it and damn your eyes. Now then Blucher shoulders up, hang to it like a scrappin’ pup. Pull till your muscles crack. Heave Bender Buster stand up Roan.

Recalls various names painted on the old bullock drays – Britain Still, Dreadnaught, Try me, Sunset, No Tick, Billy Hughes, I.O.U., Sloe Queen, Twig the Driver, The Slug, Who Cares, Georgie.

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