Borroloola Rodeo



RON KERR – reminiscences of a working drover



Borroloola Rodeo


It’s rodeo time again at the ‘loo

There will be thrills and spills, maybe a fight or two
The bucking stock are yarded behind the chutes
Lively horses and big Brahman brutes


So get your gear ready for the action
See some fancy dismounts, in the latest fashion
Walt for your name and chute number from one to six
When the chute boss calls your number, he needs an answer quick


Three calls is all a rider is allowed
No answer, then your name is scratched
No score until your out in front of the crowed
Blame yourself if your gear becomes too slack


You’re on your own, when the chute gate swings back
Hold your mark out, don’t touch your hat
The judges are waiting, one on either side
No legwork, no re-ride


So get those legs working to a rhythm
To improve your chances of top money and ribbon
The hooters will signal time ends
Flick your kicker, wait for the pick up men


Next event the first round of the bulls
Give the yardmen room, to get them into the chutes
Regulations say no drunken fools
Get your bull ropes, spurs, tied down to your boots


These bulls are high kicking masters
The clowns are out there, to save you from disaster
If you finish up in the dust, you’ll know you’re out of hope
Of scores in the bull ride, but pick up your rope


So go down on him, with your rope well up behind the hump
Keep your head back away, from his prongs
Some bulls buck, with a high-headed stunt
If you go over the head, you’ll know you’ve done it wrong


Most riders know these bulls like to stomp
All are aware of a horn he doesn’t wont
If you are thrown, get clear as you wish
For all riders, ride at their own risk


Nobody likes to see a competitor hurt or cough
But the risk is theirs, on this daredevil sport
There are horseman and clowns, to help a rider out
See you next year, when rodeo times about.