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Bill Harney Songs view2

Source: transcribed from the singing of Bill Harney
State Library of South Australia.
Recorded Adelaide 1962
SITE SOURCE: Sydney Folklore – SECTION18: Bawdry Songs

Darwin’s Fanny Bay

There’s some that’s white,
There’s some that’s black
And some that’s yellow,
And some are old and some are young and gay
But what you get for thirty bob in Castlereagh Street,
You can get for half a crown in Fanny Bay.

With a couple of little gins to make us happy
And a couple of crates of grog to make us gay.
And we’ll flit along the beaches in the moonlight
To find ourselves at last in Fanny Bay.

Oh the gins come in from Oonepelli mission
Singing hymns of Jesus when they come
But they soon forget about those ten commandments
When you hit ’em with a bit of O.P. Rum

(O.P. = overproof rum)