Bawdy Kids’ Rhymes






Bawdy Ditty
Silvia and Lydia Vera,

St Scholasticas College, Glebe, 1984

Children 14 years old.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
When you are 15 you were ready for plucking
Now that you’re 16 you’re ready for fucking.

Bawdy Children’s lore from Karl Treddenti of Stanmore
Born July 1976
recorded 1985

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace come sit on my face
Don’t make me cry because I need your pie

German in the Grass

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Look into my eyes

Look into my eyes

You’re paralysed

Your bum is paralysed etc

I’m Tough!

I’m tough! When I go to Pizza Hut I order everything – chairs, tables etc

I’m Tough! When my wide irons my shirt I leave it on

I’m tough! I eat quiche I eat it in front of truckies

I’m tough! My coco pops go shh sshh sshh


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Look Up

Look up, look down. Your pants will fall down.

Fatty and Skinny

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