The Ballad Seller

Here are catches, songs and glees,
Some are twenty for a penny
You shall have whatever you please
Take your choice for here are many
Hear is ‘Nan of Glo’ster-Green’
Here’s ‘Lily Of The Valley’
Here is ‘Kate of Aberdeen’
Here is ‘Sally In Our Alley’
Here is ‘Mary’s Dream’ ‘Poor Jack’
Here’s ‘The Tinker and The tailor’
Here’s ‘Bow Wow’ and ‘Paddy Whack’
‘Tally-Ho’ ‘The Hardy Sailor’
Here’s ‘Dick Dook’ ‘The Heart Blade’
‘Captain Wattle’ and ‘The Grinder’
And I’ve got ‘The Country Maid’
Confound me though, if I can find her.

Drinking songs, too here abound
‘Toby Philpot’ ‘Fill The Glasses’
and, ‘Here’s A Health To All Good Lasses’
Here’s ‘Come, Let Me Dance & Sing’
And, What’s better far than any,
Here’s ‘God Save Great George Our King’
‘Hearts Of Oak’ and ‘Rule Britannia’