Ballad of Jervis Bay

Iron Road


Dunn Browning. Granville NSW

Screened from the light of day
On board the Jervis Bay
Forlornly stowed away,
Eight workless men

Sniffling the savoury stew
Served to the hungry crew
They feeling peckish too.
O’er the ship wandered

“Send out a warship quick!”
Back flashed the message slick,
Were the editors ‘shick’?
How the press thundered.

“Trot out the hoary lies,
Dressed up in new disguise,
This ought to bulge their eyes –
Make it a wonder.”

“See that the Bolshie shrinks”
Each scribbler nods and winks,
Working them up (between drinks)
Fables and slanders.

Oh! The wild charge they made,
On huge headlines displayed,
Even while bosses sprayed
Eight stowaways

How can the story die,
Tell how they trick and lie,
Up to the cloudy sky
Trusting subscribers.