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Australian ghosts



Quinns Light a yellowish eagle shaped light appears called Quinns Light named after John Quinn the first man to see it. It is situated near the Go Go Billy ranges in the Daudaman Valley.
Pollmann The Murdering Sandhills near Narrandera NSW. The sound of a ghostly wagon is heard regularly and is said to be that of a man called Pollmann who had hidden a large amount of money and was then murdered by three brothers who were hawkers in the area.
Trotting Cob A headless horseman who holds his head between his ribs an elbow as he rides a snow white horse through the Riverina.
Yarralumla A man is seen digging under a tree. Apparently he is looking for the diamond dropped there by a convict who had stolen it from a Mr. James Cobbitty in 1826. In 1842 the stone was discovered but whilst on his way to Sydney his man, an aborigine, swallowed the stone for safe keeping however he was shot by bushrangers and buried under a tree.
martinet major martinet major in Monaro area. Known for mistreating his convicts. One day a convict revolted and threw stones at the major. He was promptly hanged. His ghost came back to haunt the major cattle were released at midnight, bells were rung at odd hours and a ghost would appear at the foot of his bed singing bawdy songs. He eventually returned to England.
the black horse of Sutton’s Forest A riderless horse known as the black horse of Sutton’s Forest. It was regarded as a sign of coming disaster. It has been known to pass right through houses.
Gerringong Ghost A local identity, an Englishman, was known to always carry a goodly sum of gold sovereigns with him. He was seen drinking at the local Kiama pub and was quite drunk. Two men offered to take him home plus his sheepdog. He was never seen again. Some time later a man was camped in the bush near Gerringong and was woken by a noise. he looked up and saw a dead man with a sheep dog licking his bloody face. Beyond the man he saw two men laughing and talking about the 40 coins they had stolen. Next day the man reported the apparition and police discovered the man’s burnt body of the Englishman and his dog at the same site. They are said to still haunt the spot.
Bullimba House ghost home of former Premier A E Moore has a door-knocking ghost
Mornington Ghost Mornington has a house where footsteps are heard
Ghost of Prospect Hall Ghost Prospect Hall Adelaide has the ghostly carriage, which drives up to the door. A woman in white silk gets out, walks up to the door and proceeds to peer in any uncurtained window. Then disappears.
Elizabeth Farm ghost Old lady who walks from room to room
Davis the pearl buyer The residence of the Anglican bishop of Broome has the ghost of a well-known Pearl buyer called Davis who died 1913. He was a Jew who acted as rabbi and the bishops house was originally his home. Recent bishops have seen him attired in robes and hat.
Polly McQuinn Strathbogie near Euralla has the ghost of Polly McQuinn who appears at a certain waterhole that carries her name she drowned there accidentally in the early days.
Richmond Bridge ghost Richmond Bridge Tas has a headless man an overseer who was cruel and was subsequently murdered by convicts and thrown in the river.
ghost of Gov House Hobart Government House Hobart has a ghost whom appears calling out a quarter past eleven, a quarter past eleven.
Ghost of Dog Trap Road, Parramatta This ghost was a hoax invented by larrikins of the Stone Push who frequented Stoners Vauxhill inn during the 187o’s “They used to go out after nightfall & one of their number, attired in a white sheet, would place himself in a position to be seen.” They were finally caught by three young men- one a merchant of Crown Street, Parramatta, & given a good horse whipping”.
The House in Lane Cove A house in Lane Cove was believed to be haunted by a poltergeist in the late 50s. The owner, Mr McDougall said, A little later we were just sitting in here and suddenly the fire irons started swaying to and fro. My brother thought a draught might be causing it but the irons kept moving. Then he thought a loose floorboard might be causing it but no. The irons were moving by themselves which was very unsettling. Another strange thing happened whenever my brother set the dining table for dinner. It happened so often it was strange he would automatically set one extra place. It was said the early owners of the 110-year-old house had lost a daughter down a well on the property and she kept returning.
[Source: 1958 Woman’s Day]