At The Gate Each Shearer Stood

Mrs Susan Colley


Bathurst Home for the Aged
Recorded 1973


At The Gate Each Shearer Stood


At the gate each shearer stood as the whistle loudly blew
With eyes all fixed and lips compressed the tigers they flew too
Hark to the clicking of the shears as through the wool they glide
See our burly ringer, he is on the whipping side

A lot of Lachlan Tigers, it’s plain to see we are,
Hark to our burley ringer as he loudly calls for tar;
‘Tar here”, calls one, and quick the tar-boy flies;
“Sweep those locks away!” another loudly cries.

A curse upon our gaffer this night the ringer cried
To shear a decent tally in vain I’ve often tried
The scene it is a lively one and ought to be admired
There never has been such a day since Jacky Howe expired

(Comments: he was the great shearer)

But I’ve got a pair of Ward & Paynes, they’re lively bright and new
I’ll rig them up and let you see, what I can really do
For I’ve shore out on the Darling and in New Zealand too
The backblocks of the Lachlan and out on the Paroo
And far away in Queensland where they shear them by the score
But such a terror to chip as these I never saw before

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