Alphabet Song

Collected from JOE WATSON

Caringbah, NSW
Recorded 1973 onwards
Note: Composed by Joe Watson to teach his grandchildren to spell


Alphabet Song


Come all wee little children,
Be singing while we smile,
We want all folks to listen,
For we feel it’s all worthwhile.

Well, to the alphabet we we’ll apply,
Full mirth and don’t you cry,
For such our rulers don’t deny
To all wherever they go

Sing A B C D EFG – H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U – V W X Y Z

Though it’s but a beginning
We’ll ne’er will forget
In after years reflecting
We never shall regret
Let’s vow to keep on learning
It’s duty to our land
And do our teachers bidding
And be wise and understanding.

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