A Schnake Shtory



A Schnake Schtory

I knew der schnake so very vell, I saw him efery day,
Dey kept him in a great big cage, shoost oud of beeple’s vay
Dey fed him oop on rats and mice—he vos a beauty pet,
But uf dey opened oop der door, dis cofie did a “get.”

Von day dot doer don’d fastened vos, und Schnakey vos got oud,
He had a grawl around der yard, und had a look apoud,
But nefer found dot cage no more, he lost vos oud of sight,
Dey nefer saw him all that day—dey nefer looked at night!

Der schap dot owned schnake—don’d told he’d lost his pet
So dot der schnake got far avay, so far already yet,
Dot he vos blessed und satisfied, und sure dot he vos free,
But only for a liddle vile, as you vill shortly see.

He got into a biziness blace, vhere girls vos tack und sew,
Und vhere dey haf a vire ding, on vich to dresses show.
A ding dey called a “dummy”—shoost like a vooman’s shape,
All cofered oop mit calico, und fastened oop mit tape.

Dot schnake he dought dot he vos stay in comfort here to schleep,
Und yently made a schnakey vow, dis blace dot he would keep,
He glided oop inside der ding, und hung upon der vire
Ven bresently a scream was heard!—you’d tink id vos a fire!

But no, id don’d vos any fire, dot gif dose girls a fright,
Id shoost vos Schnakey settling down to spend anodder night,
Und ven he tried to fix himself upon der vires inside,
Der blessed ”dummy” vobbled round, shoost efery dime he tried.

Now, can you fancy in your mind, some schtartled maids, a score
Who votch a ding dot moves apoud, shoost nefer as before,
Deir eyes fon oud der heads near fell, dey tought of ghosts unheard,
Deir liddle hearts vos beating hard – dey don’d could schpoke a word.

But suddenly dot schnake gets vild. und flips himself around,
Und “dummy” does a somersault mit sooch a deafening sound.
Und oud fon doors und windows fly, dose girls who tack and sew,
Dey nefer look behind some more—dey seen genuf, you know.